Penny Howard

photo of smiling woman

Penny has been interested in sewing since she was little, making clothes for dolls and bears. This developed to sewing for herself and then for her children. She was introduced to patchwork and quilting when her children were young by attending a class with a group of friends. She was quickly bitten by the “quilting bug” and subsequently attended further classes to learn more techniques and to develop her skills. Her early classes were held at a shop in Ettalong called ‘The Homespun Heart’ and then with Margaret Stephenson at Umina. She has continued to acquire fabrics and to quilt since then producing quilts, wall hangings etc. for family and friends and also for charities.

She has been a member of a social monthly quilting group for twenty years and loves their “meetings”, weekends away and attending classes with the group as well as sharing quilting ideas, seeking opinions and solving quilting (and world) problems as a group.

Penny loves both the relaxation and the challenge that patchworking and quilting present to her and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and working with like minded people at EBACC.